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Project OK - Hiroyuki Kei by ellenic
Project OK - Hiroyuki Kei
Application form for :iconproject-overkill:
Haikyuu is my current life :"))
:new: Thank you dear mods for letting me join this fabulous group ; v ;
Please don't hesitate to poke me to do RP if you're interested to befriend with this boy XD

Name: Hiroyuki Kei
Nickname: Hiro, Kei (for close friends or relatives), Cheetah (by his previous teammates)
Highschool/Team: Naruminishi High

Age: 16
D.O.B: February 1st
Blood Type: O
Gender: Male
Height: 163.5cm

Year: I
Position: 1. Naruminishi Libero 2. Naruminishi Middle Blocker 3. Daiki Gakuen Libero

Number: TBA

Power: (2/5)
Jumping: (2/5)
Stamina: (4/5)
Game Sense: (3/5)
Technique: (3/5)
Speed: (5/5)

------------Total: (19/19)

Specializes: Defense

Hiro tends to rely on his speed and flexibility in the court. His fast movements help him keeps the ball away from the ground.

An active and enthusiastic person. Hiro has a caring personality due to his habit of taking care of his sisters. He's a committed person which will get annoyed if someone break their promise. He would confronted someone directly if they did something inappropriate in front of him. When filled with anger, he would hit things around him (usually a table or wall) and leave that place immediately to cool his head down. When it comes to someone he cared about (like family or teammates) he's become a bit protective, again because he got used to protect his sisters as the first son in his family.

- Volleyball (of course)
- Playing with stray animals
- Cooking
- Running errands for some ladies around his house (because they will give him some treats/gifts/cooking ingredients)
- Girls with pigtails

- People who broke their promise
- Pop quiz
- Sitting for a long time
- Someone messing with his curly hair

Back in his early childhood, Hiro likes to spend his summer with his older cousin. His cousin always invited him to play volleyball with his friends. Hiro was the smallest boy in the group and still unfamiliar with the sport so he didn't help much through the games. One day the boys were betting for the game, where the loser have to buy a dozen of ice creams for the winning team. Hiro worried that he would only troubled his team because of his lack of power and game technique. When the game almost reached the match point, the ball flew right to Hiro. He panicked and moved his body in reflex, saving the ball and let his cousin ended the game by throwing a spike.

He's mesmerized, not believing that he can also help his team with that weak and small body. On the way home, while eating the ice creams, his cousin congratuled him for receiving that ball. He said that Hiro actually has a great speed and reflex despite of his small body and he thought that Hiro will be a great volleyball player if he refined that ability. Hiro was very happy to hear that from his cousin. Then they made a promise that both of them will be a pro volleyball players and meet up again in the court. As an ally or as an opponent. Since that time he spent most of his free time in volleyball club through his junior high time and continued to do so in his senior high.

   -  Ito Seiji
Caught the captain's move when he's peeping through the gym's window. The moment he saw the captain spiked, Hiro can't think of anyone else than his own cousin. They're somehow alike, not from their personality but from how the setter hits the ball. He's hoping he can join the volleyball team to support the admirable leader.

- Actually a great bathroom singer
- Can cook half-sleeping
- A kinesthetic learner which means he has to move around or play with his volleyball when studying


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Hello guys~
Here goes some small updates from me o v o /

First, I'm still doing my thesis right now.
I don't have any other thing to do so it's pretty boring = v =;
Just wondering if any of you are interested to commission me.
I mainly draw OCs but I also love to draw fanart actually (and chibis too <3).
If you do, I'll open a commission around this time o v o

Second, I'll be opening a booth at a local event called Comifuro,
and up until now I'm still uncertain about which fandom should I choose as the project :iconlazypoolplz:
Do you guys watch Mekakucity Actors/Kagepro? Which pairing do you like the most?
Also is there any other fandom that you like?

Third, how's life? :v
If it's rough, here's a big pat on your back~ Never give up on whatever you're doing right now!
If it's fine, cherish it and don't forget to share it to people around you :)

 ^ v ^/
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